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Über mich: Unser Team



Hi, my name ist Steffi and I would like to introduce myself: 

Some time ago friends, who owned companies, started asking, if I could help them with smaller tasks, as they did not have enough time and could not afford to hire an assistant or secretary. 

After a bit of Google research, I found out that there were a just a few VAs in Germany, whereas in the Philippines - my mother's home country - virtual assistants were already established and worked worldwide due to today's global networks.

So I decided to start my own office service here in Germany, serving clients, who want to have the service of an assistant without hiring one.

I am currently setting up my own small agency with additional virtual assistants. 



I have completed my training as an assistant for hotel management, which has influenced my idea of service, at the Hotel Management School Südliche Weinstraße, Edenkoben. 

Subsequently, I worked in the hotel industry and in office management in large corporations as well as in medium-sized and small companies in Germany and Switzerland, so I got to know the views and working methods of both corporations and medium-sized/small companies.

A few stages of my career:


  • 2005 Graduation at the Hotel Management School Südliche Weinstraße, Edenkoben

  • 2005 Sales, Marketing & Events of a 4-star hotel in Karlsruhe

  • 2007 Office, Event & Travel Management of a medium-sized company in Landau/Pfalz

  • 2011 Opening Team of a new restaurant chain in Düsseldorf

  • 2011 Office & Event Management, Organization, HR of a hotel management school in Lenk, Switzerland

  • 2012 Office, Event & Travel Management of a large corporation in Olten, Switzerland

  • 2015 Office, Event & Travel Management of medium-sized companies in Rhineland-Palatinate

  • 2016/2017 Hotel management of a small hotel in the Kaiserslautern area

  • since Nov 2016 freelancer, among others for start-ups and restaurant businesses

Werdegang Seffi
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